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Waste left lying around is never nice to see, but it is especially disgusting if it smells or poses a health risk. So, you can imagine how frustrated on woman has been left after her neighbour started dumping dirty cat litter near her home. The waste, faeces and all, was left next to garbage bins in a “common alleyway” where residents store their bins.

To make matters worse, the nightmare neighbour not only failed to leave their rubbish in the trash, but did not leave it in a bin bag at all. Instead, she claims the litter has been dumped in the street in a pile – one that keeps getting larger.

Cat litter should be disposed of properly (stock photo) ( Getty Images)

Keen for advice on how best to respond, the frustrated neighbour took to Reddit to share her problem.

Writing on ‘neighborsfromhell’, she said: “Help! Neighbor is dumping cat litter outside.” The resident explained: “We have a common alleyway where we put our garage bins.

“Last week, I went to take out my trash and noticed that they had dumped kitty litter (with poop) next to their trashcans (no bag). I let it slide the first time but today i went to take my trash out and noticed that the pile got bigger…

“I’ve had issues with these neighbors before. Should i call the city?” And people were quick to urge the woman to take action, blasting the “gross sanitation issue.”

But commenters could not agree on the best route of action. One person advised: “Take pictures and call code enforcement.”

Whereas another commenter suggested a more direct approach, writing: “Scoop it up into a bucket. Then go to their front door and dump it on their stood so when they go out they step into the litter, poop and all.”

And someone else said the woman must talk to her neighbour. “Explain to your neighbor it is gross, and needs to stop.”

However, she explained she fears confrontation because she had anxiety and that previous attempts to reason with her neighbour proved useless.

“I’ve talked to them before about their dog barking constantly! Even my partner talked to them and they did NOTHING,” she said. Fortunately, it sounds as if she may have found a solution, as she now knows if she submits a report to her local authority “someone from the trash division would go over and give them a warning.”

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