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A single mum has lost a five-year battle to cancer leaving behind her two daughters.

Nina Lowe, 46, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and found out in January that it was terminal.

She stopped chemotherapy because she said it was hurting her more than cancer and died on Friday surrounded by close family and friends.

Nina’s two daughters Lilia, 15, and Sofia, 10, will now live with their family as a fundraising page has been set up to help to support the girls through the tough transition, EdinburghLive reports.

Lisa Kinnear announced the mum’s death and wrote: “This is the update I never wanted to write, the most amazing friend and human being Nina Lowe passed away on Friday morning surrounded by friends and family in St Columba’s Hospice.

Nina Lowe, 46, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and found out in January that it was terminal

“My heart is broken but was so grateful to share the last few days with Nina, her family and closest friends staying with Nina in the hospice.”

She continued: “The staff there looked after Nina and all of us with such compassion and it allowed us to spend precious time together. I can’t yet think about how my life will be without Nina but I’m so privileged to have shared so many ups (so many laughs) and downs with this beautiful lady.

“The world is now a sadder place. Thank you so much for all your donations. It really did give Nina a great deal of comfort to know the girls have security going forward.”

Nina had previously set up a fundraising page to support her daughters after she passed away.

Nina stopped chemotherapy because she said it was hurting her more than cancer

On it, the heartbroken mum wrote: “I would be utterly heartbroken if the girls had to move away from everything they know, just after losing me. These thoughts are tormenting me.

“Therefore, I am looking to raise enough money to pay the current rent on our house, for at least 6 months (£7,200), in the hope of giving them a bit of stability in the months after I have gone. This would give me so much comfort, it really would mean the world to me.

“Despite everything I have gone through the past five years, I have never wanted to burden people, so rarely reach out for help, so this is an incredibly difficult thing for me to do. If you can help, you have no idea how much that would mean, and would bring a lot of peace to me. Equally, I know how hard times are just now, so please don’t feel any worry or guilt if you are not able to help out.”

She added: “I’ve thought about a million ways to say goodbye, and I’ve realised….there is just no way to say goodbye. I am not ready to leave you all. My heart is broken. It does not break for me….only for those, I leave behind.

“My darling children. My amazing family. My close beautiful friends. My loves, and of course our new puppy. Just everyone who has been there for me, you have all made me have the most wonderful life. I feel incredibly blessed. I guess I am really one of the lucky ones too, as not many people get to even say goodbye.”

The fundraising page has totalled over £55,000 from close family, friends and those touched by Nina’s heartbreaking story.

You can donate and find out more here.

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