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Fans of the King of Rock and Roll are celebrating Elvis Presley at the moment to commemorate Elvis Week. This event is to coincide with the anniversary of the star’s death on August 16, 2022. The King died in 1977 of a cardiac arrest. He was found in one of the bathrooms at his home, Graceland, by his fiancee at the time, Ginger Alden.

He left behind his only child, Lisa Marie Presley, and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley, who was still a large part of his life.

Even decades after Elvis’ death, Priscilla has been a staunch supporter of the star.

In 2016 she confessed that he was still a part of her every day life.

She said: “I love him. I still love him. I’ve never not loved him. Ever.”

She added: “I feel that I’ve never really left him. And he knew that. He knew that.” (Via The Sydney Morning Herald)

While Priscilla still looks band fondly on Elvis and his life, at the time of his death she truly struggled.

In 1977, when Elvis died, Priscilla had been apart from him for four years.

They split after his drug-taking and affairs got out of hand. But their relationship was kept intact. They still spoke to one another frequently and, of course, shared custody of Lisa Marie.

In Priscilla’s 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me, she revealed exactly what she did when she learned of Elvis’ death.

“I locked myself in the bedroom,” she revealed. “And left instructions that I would not speak to anyone, that I wanted to be alone.”

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“We’d become closer and had more understanding and patience for each other than in our married life,” Priscilla confessed. “We even talked of one day… And now he was gone.”

She gave more details about their relationship later in the memoir.

She explained: “Elvis and I were very close, even after we divorced. He would still come over to my house. I would still sit in his lap. He would still call me my pet names that he gave me. He would still come to my house at two o’clock in the morning and talk for hours, and when I went to Graceland, it’s the same thing.”

Although Priscilla was extremely distraught by Elvis’ death, his fiancée was particularly broken up about it.

Ginger, the actress and model, was 20-years Elvis’ junior. And after his death, she revealed just how special their connection was.

She wrote in her own memoir: “On the day he proposed, he said: ‘Ginger, I’ve been searching for love so long, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would find it in my own backyard. I’ve been 60 percent happy and 40 percent happy, but never 100 percent. I’ve loved before but I’ve never been in love. Ginger, I’m asking you, will you marry me?'”

She added: “Elvis brought his hand out from around his back. In it was a small, green velvet box. Nearly overcome by emotion, my voice quavered. ‘Yes,’ I managed. Our relationship had been so intense as if he wanted me to know almost everything about him in a short time. I felt I’d found my soulmate.”

She added that her last day with Elvis was filled with hope.

“[He] was looking forward to many things,” Ginger said. “Marriage, more children, serious films and his next tour.”