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A girl’s tooth fairy letter was labelled as ‘bratty’ by parents who were shocked at the amount of cash she was asking for.

An image of the letter was uploaded to a Reddit forum – where many were quick to comment on the girl’s “demanding” tone.

In it, she writes how she would even like more cash than she got for a tooth last year.

The handwritten note reads: “Dear mom, dad/tooth fairy.

“Can I please have 25$. Want more money than last time or else I will be mad.”

The note is then wrapped in a plastic bag with the word’s Addy’s tooth scrawled to the front.

Many were also shocked by how much the young girl was asking for. Stock image ( Getty Images/iStockphoto)

While the girl clearly wasn’t messing around when it came to the renumeration for her tooth, one of her parents was clearly amused by her boldness.

A picture of the message was uploaded along with the caption: “My Daughter’s note to the ‘tooth fairy’.”

However, other parents didn’t seem to find the note so funny – with many even claiming the girl could probably be prime for a bit of anger management therapy.

One said: “Boy, she’s gonna be really p***ed when she goes to the dentist and they start pulling teeth and charging her for taking them.”

Another said the girl was a “Karen in training,” before adding, “She’s gonna want to speak to the tooth fairy’s supervisor, Santa Claus.”

The girl’s note asked for $25 for her tooth ( Getty Images)

Another mocked: “Dear Child, Here is a dollar for your tooth. The other $24 is going into your anger management therapy fund. Love, mum/dad/tooth fairy.”

Some said the parents should think about teaching their child to be polite instead of making light of it.

Another Reddit user said: “How is this ‘made me smile”‘- you’re smiling a kid is being demanding/rude?” – which promoted someone to ask “Exactly LOL. How do you teach the kid that notes like that are NOT OK?

“Must be testing some boundaries but damn, ALREADY starting with money. Not juice boxes and cookies…”

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