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Following a two year delay, Queen and Adam Lambert finally hit the road again with their UK and Europe Rhapsody tour. Following concerts across Britain and Northern Ireland, including a ten-night residency at London’s The O2 Arena, Brian May, Roger Taylor and the singer headed to mainland Europe.

Ahead of their final shows of the tour in Finland, Queen and Adam Lambert took part in a special fan Q&A for the Rhapsody Over London Live Concert Film’s streaming in July. Roger Taylor was asked what the most difficult Queen song to play on the drums was for him.

The 73-year-old admitted: “Ooo I would say, possibly, I’m in Love with My Car, because it’s in sort of three-time and it’s kind of not fast and it’s difficult to sing and keep the three, four beat going. It’s also very high to sing! I kind of dread that moment every night!”

Adam said: “They’re all in there. I don’t know… which one? It kind of changes but there’s always some sort of kernel of something floating around.”

Brian added: “I think for musicians, especially if you’re doing it, your head is always filled with something. There’s always something going around in your head isn’t there? It’s like a strange sort of disease – it can be nice or it can be annoying! I can have Champions going around in my head and I’m thinking of lines that I could play that I never do in that chord sequence. It’s like an obsession.”