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Cops probing the mysterious death of a couple who plunged from a sixth floor flat are looking at whether there may have been signs of a struggle, say reports.

Albanian actor Florind Belliu, 35, and his wife, Ornela Shehi, 28, were discovered on the courtyard of the Cruger Avenue in the Bronx, New York City at 9:15am on Saturday (August 6).

They were pronounced dead around ten minutes later, and were identified by friends and neighbours who went to see the body. Neighbours reported that their two young sons, aged just 2 and 6, cried out for their mother in the moments after the fall.

One local source told the New York Post that video footage showed Ornela falling to the ground first, with Florind landing several seconds later.

Police sources say the incident on Saturday (August 6) could have followed a struggle ( Citizen app)

No suicide note was reportedly discovered inside the flat, and police are now exploring whether there may have been a struggle before the fall as they await results from an autopsy.

After several neighbours described the male as an “angry” individual who “kept to himself”, one police source told the Post that the man may have suffered from a mental health issue.

Mr Belliu was described by one neighbour as an “angry” individual ( Facebook)

They added: “There were signs in the apartment that indicated it wasn’t all Kumbaya, like they didn’t just decide to leave their kids behind and jump.”

Describing how those nearby heard the impact of the fall, construction worker Frank Mussumeci, recalled the moment one of his site colleagues realised something had happened while having a coffee break.

He said the man “heard a boom, like a big piece of steel … banging on the ground. Then he heard a kid screaming, ‘Mama, Mama.’

The couple had two children aged 2 and 6, who were reportedly heard crying out for their mother after the incident ( Facebook)

“He looked over the gate and he saw two bodies there”, he added.

One neighbour said Florind Belliu had celebrated his birthday on the day of the incident.

A tribute to Mr Bellieu written by pal Elona on Facebook expressed her grief both for the deceased and the children he left behind while questioning why he appeared to take his own life, describing the deaths as a “multiple tragedy for which there is no word of consolation.”

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