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David Campbell-Bannerman claimed that the to review or repeal all 2400 post-Brexit EU laws within his first 100 days in office is “cynically designed to change as little as possible”.

in 2016 found there were 700,000 pages worth of laws from the bloc, which are now fully immersed in British law as part of the EU Withdrawal Act 2018.

This pile of laws are now eligible to be reformed or even deleted.

However, critics are “highly sceptical” of Mr Sunak’s plans to tackle this so quickly.

Mr Campbell-Bannerman also claimed Mr Sunak’s Tory leadership challenger Liz Truss has the “huge level of ambition” required to complete EU deregulation.

However, unlike Mr Sunak, Ms Truss campaigned for the UK to stay in the EU during the 2016 referendum.

Mr Campbell-Bannerman wrote in The Telegraph: “This is the kind of pledge cynically designed to change as little as possible.

“In fact, it is more likely just to entrench the wads of inappropriate EU rules already on our statute book, maybe with a little renaming.

“No, figuring out what is necessary and doable, and undertaking serious reform will take far longer than three months.”

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“There needs to be a huge level of ambition on this EU deregulation: a bit of tinkering, or ‘reviewing’ as Rishi puts it, won’t deliver billions in savings that can take the pressure off businesses and individuals and help with the cost of living.

“That will need the sort of courage, energy and resolve Liz Truss has shown.

“We need the zeal of the convert, not the token claims of a lukewarm supporter.”

The race to become the next Prime Minister will officially end on September 5 when the successful candidate will be announced.