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16-hour day of A&E nurse who leaves at 6am and returns long after kids are asleep Peru’s congress impeaches president after he tries to dissolve it

It is unforgivable that zombie Conservatives – in office but not in power – are failing to act while families people are crippled by soaring energy bills.

If the next Tory Prime Minister fails to protect victims from a financial nightmare, then Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are just as politically deficient as the lazy, lying Boris Johnson, who they squabble to succeed.

Both demonstrate no sign of understanding the pain inflicted if household bills that not so very long ago averaged under £1,200 hit £4,266 a year as is being predicted.

The Tories are not to blame for global prices rocketing after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine but they are responsible for a woeful reaction when a Covid-style rescue package is required.

Labour’s ex-Premier Gordon Brown and even Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey are coming up with answers but alas the incompetent Tories are proving themselves ideologically incapable of rising to the challenge.

Liz Truss visiting the Reliance Precision engineering company in Huddersfield ahead of a hustings event ( Getty Images)

Jurassic hark

Britain’s collapsing Jurassic Coast demonstrates why we must do all we can to tackle climate change.

Rising sea levels and weather extremes created by carbon pollution are endangering our nation and the world, inflicting irreversible environmental damage.

The debate should not be how much will it cost to halt global warming but the higher price we’ll pay if we madly fail to stop the planet’s temperature soaring beyond 1.5C higher than before the industrial revolution.

Time is running out and it is a tragedy the climate emergency is largely ignored by the two eco threats the Conservative cult is choosing between to impose on Britain.

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Devoted to Liv

Best known for playing Sandy in the musical Grease, Olivia Newton-John was hopelessly devoted to her craft.

The heartfelt tributes from stars like Elton John are testimony to a wonderful woman who nobody ever had a bad word to say about.

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