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Recession? What recession? The complacency of Liz Truss as Britons feel and fear the pain of an economic catastrophe confirms the misgoverning Conservative party’s role in this financial nightmare.

Soaring prices, plummeting living standards, rising interest rates and the plunging value of wages isn’t talking Britain into the recession but acknowledging the grim reality for tens of millions.

Tory frontrunner Truss and her rival to be installed Prime Minister without a General Election, Rishi Sunak, knock any confidence they know how to get us out of this mess by refusing to stand up for the victims.

Instead of urging restraint by energy companies putting up prices and profiteering from Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine the clueless pair and Andrew Bailey, a hopelessly orthodox Bank of England Governor who earns so much he didn’t know his salary was £575,000, lecture workers and trade unions to take a hit and swallow meagre pay rises.

Brexit championed by Sunak and more recently Truss to woo flag-waving plastic patriots in her party is an ongoing tragedy the Tory ­Government’s own experts calculate will slice 4% off the economy, double the 2% permanent damage of Covid.

One of Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will become PM unelected on September 5

Yet what this crisis illuminates more than anything is the ­Conservatives oppose the ­fundamental shift in wealth and power to build a better, fairer, more prosperous and happier Britain.

Keir Starmer painting deep red rather than pale pink lines between Labour and the Conservatives would strengthen an election-winning coalition when Tory mismanagement will impoverish the comfortable and push the just managing below the breadline.

Growing numbers of Labour MPs and Shadow Ministers want him to rediscover earlier radicalism when he returns from his summer break before the Tories choose Sunak or, more likely, Truss as Boris Johnson’s successor on September 5.

Labour MPs want Keir Starmer to put clear daylight between him and the Tories after the summer break ( Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

Tory Premier Harold Macmillan identified unexpected events as the gravest challenges to Governments.

Blame for this recession is shared between the Tories and world events.

Nailing the Conservatives is Labour’s number one task but that involves explaining vividly what the opposition would do in power to improve lives. We’ve heard too little about that.

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