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Boris Johnson’s reputation in America discussed by Basham

According to exclusive polling from the Washington DC based Democracy Institute, almost one third (31 percent) name Mr Johnson as the foreign leader they would most like to see in the White House while Joe Biden’s job approval is at rock bottom with almost six out of 10 (58 percent) thinking he is doing a bad job . Mr Johnson comes 13 points ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron in second place with 18 percent as the next best foreign leader choice for the Presidency.

The revelation in the Democracy Institute/ US tracker poll comes despite Tory MPs forcing Mr Johnson out and appearing to suggest that his international reputation remains high.

The poll suggests that the outgoing Prime Minister, who would qualify to run for the US Presidency because he was born in New York, is gaining in popularity across the Atlantic.

A comparison with the same poll by the Democracy Institute a month ago shows that he has gained two points from 29 percent to 31 percent.

Lord Cruddas, who is spearheading the campaign to give Tory members a vote on keeping Mr Johnson said: “The Americans must think we are crazy to be getting rid of Boris, as this poll suggests they prefer Boris over any other foreign leader by a long way.

“Removing Boris is an embarrassment on the world stage and against the electorates wishes here. Time to bring back Boris.”

Meanwhile, Macron, who has been suffering his own economic and domestic problems since being reelected as French President earlier this year, has gone back two points to 18 percent.

Worryingly, he only appears to be one percent ahead of Vladimir Putin in third place with 17 percent.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson easily tops the poll of world leaders for US President (Image: GETTY/ DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

Democracy Institute poll

Boris Johnson is ahead of Macron and Putin (Image: DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

Combined with the eight percent for Chinese President Xi Jingping the poll suggests that a quarter of Americans want to be led by one of the world’s worst two dictators.

Patrick Basham, Director of the Democracy Institute, believes Mr Johnson’s popularity partly comes from the way his political skill set is better suited to a Presidential rather than Parliamentary system.

He told “His (Boris Johnson’s) skills are probably better suited to gaining support for himself and what people perceive to be the platform that he is promoting.

“Whether you agree with his policies or not, there is a leadership quality that would serve him well in a Presidential system.

“Whereas the day-to-day slings and arrows of a Parliamentary system that also involves having to be knee deep in policy making than a President is something that probably doesn’t help him.

“He would be more detached than that.”

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is losing confidence of Americans according to the poll (Image: GETTY)

Democracy Institute poll

Biden has a high disapproval rating (Image: DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

The polling also shows that the economic and cultural problems in the US continue to hurt President Biden and the Democrats.

It finds 58 percent disapprove of his presidency and only 38 percent approve, 68 percent believe he will not be reelected compared to just 30 percent who believe he will.

Worse still, 57 percent think his administration is incompetent and 44 percent compare it to a clown car compared to 10 percent a Ferrari.

More than half of Americans (56 percent) think Trump was a better President and 57 percent think that it would be better for them for Biden to be out of the White House compared to Putin out of the Kremlin.

Biden is particularly hit on economic issues which are the top concenr for 44 percent of Americans and where he has a 65 percent disapproval rating with almost seven in 10 (69 percent) thinking the US will hit a recession.


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Democracy Institute poll

Almost half of Americans have compared Biden’s administration to a clown car (Image: DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

Democracy Institute poll

Only three in 10 Americans think Biden will be reelected (Image: DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

The findings come as the campaign to put Boris Johnson on the ballot for Tory members int he leadership contest continues to grow momentum.

On Friday, revealed that the two co-chairmen of the Conservative Party Andrew Stephenson and Ben Elliott had written to Lord Cruddas who is spearheading the Bring Back Boris campaign.

They acknowledged that the 10,000 plus signatures raised on the petition calling for members to have a vote on Mr Johnson’s resignation would require a rule change to be considered but insisted it was too late for this leadership contest between Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Lord Cruddas, one of Britain’s richest men and a former party treasurer, is considering legal action if the party does not act.

Lord Cruddas

Lord Cruddas is spearheading the campaign to Bring Back Boris (Image: GETTY)

Today he also took to Twitter to highlight the impact Mr Johnson has had on donations raised for the party compared to his predecessors.

He said: “In 2017 the membership income was £835,000, in 2020 it was £2million. That’s the 140 percent increase.Thats the ‘Boris Bounce’!

“In 2016 there was a general election with Mrs May, remember that!

“The party raised £34million from donors to help finance the election and the party.”

He went on: “In the 2019 election the Boris Johnson election with him as leader, a whopping £56million was raised!!

“That’s the ‘Boris Bounce’! But there’s more!

Patrick Basham

Patrick Basham is Director of the Washington DC based Democracy Institute (Image: DEMOCRACY INSTITUTE)

“Boris Johnson not only won an 80 seat majority and 43 per cent of the popular vote, the biggest since Thatcher, but he also raised the biggest income flow and biggest election war chest for the party, the biggest of all time! That’s the ‘Boris Bounce’.

“Boris then won the vote of no confidence, he should have been given at least twelve months to fulfil the promises in the 2019 manifesto. Instead a ‘cabal’ of MP’s decided they knew best and forced his resignation.”

He added: “It is like a premiership football club sacking their star player at his peak not even getting a transfer fee for him. The player who is a huge draw and a real ‘golden goose’ financially! It beggars belief! It is a huge act of financial and political self-destruction!”

The Democracy Institute polled 1,500 likely US voters between August 2 and 4.