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Britain faces a nightmare of recession, inflation, soaring interest rates and plummeting living standards while a hopeless Tory government is nowhere to be seen.

Voters must ask why our country is suffering so much more than other comparable nations.

Tall tales about growth and bouncing back from Covid have been exposed as cynical lies.

Boris Johnson’s wannabe successors, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, were part of the regime that exposed us to this catastrophe.

And Johnson himself is running away from the horror he’s overseen by taking a holiday.

Real leaders would protect low and middle-income homes with Covid-style £20 a-week Universal Credit awards, inflation-matching pay rises and radical measures – including public ownership – to cool fuel bills.

The tragedy is, we’re lumbered with Tories who refuse to curb big business profiteers and champion the interests the less well off.

This tsunami requires a fresh start…and that means a general election to give a say to the excluded 99.8% of voters as well as the 0.2% cohort of Tory members installing a new PM.

Conservative leadership candidates Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak ( PA)

Time to fight

Were Amazon bosses really surprised when staff stopped work in protest over a miserly 35p-an-hour pay rise?

The demo at the US corporation’s Tilbury depot is the most significant action yet in a wave of strikes that include rail stoppages.

Mega-rich Amazon doesn’t recognise unions and spent a fortune on ads showing happy employees but the protest shows all is not well.

People who give their all are entitled to better living standards which is why the GMB union asked for a £2 an hour rise.

Nobody likes to strike but bosses are finding those pushed into a corner will fight back.

Little big man

Weightlifter Precious McKenzie may be 86 and under five feet tall.

But when it comes to sheer raw power he proved he is head and shoulders above towering Mirrorman Jeremy Armstrong.

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