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I use a process that’s different to most others when it comes to getting debt-free because for many of us, it won’t happen overnight. It could take months or even years, so it focuses on making you feel good as you go along your debt repayment journey, keeping you on track.

It’s called the Snowball System, because your little decisions initially build to make a big difference.

On your spreadsheet of liabilities, list each credit card or loan you have: the amount, the minimum monthly payment and the interest rate.

Next, try to get the best interest rate you can with each provider. Call them and see if they can reduce the rate you’re paying. You may also be able to get a better rate by switching to a new provider or card.

Arrange your debts in order from smallest balance first to largest balance last – NOT in order of interest rate.

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Getting debt free won’t happen overnight ( Getty Images)

For each debt, set up a Direct Debit to pay off the minimum amount every month to make sure you’re not incurring any extra fees.

This is essential. To attack your debt, you pay your snowball – whatever surplus money you have left over each month – onto the smallest balance first.

Your aim is to rapidly and aggressively do whatever it takes to pay that smallest debt off.

Why? To get a quick win and a dopamine boost. When you see your debts start to disappear, you’ll feel good about the process and be motivated to pay off more.

Once your smallest balance is gone, congratulate yourself, as you’ve achieved something great.

Don’t downplay it and don’t forget to celebrate even the smallest win – as long as it doesn’t involve more spending on your credit cards!

The following month, take the minimum payment from the repaid balance, add this to your snowball and repeat the process of paying it all against your next smallest debt.

Keep doing this and you’ll get rid of your debts one by one, each time feeling that little bit freer.

To download a free snowball template, go to

If you simply can’t achieve a surplus, there are some excellent organisations you can turn to for help. I recommend and Citizens Advice, whose friendly and experienced staff will be able to advise you on the next steps.

Whatever your debt situation, the very worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand.

This isn’t going away unless you take control of your situation and begin to tackle it, but even more importantly, the toll on your mental health can become considerable.

Use the resources available to help and if you’re struggling, talk to a trusted family member or friend. Don’t suffer in silence.

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