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A baby has permanent Boris Johnson -like hair due to a rare condition meaning it can’t be combed.

18-month-old Layla Davis has been nicknamed after the outgoing prime minister by her mum Charlotte thanks to her messy blonde locks.

The toddler was born with Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS), which leads to dry and frizzy hair which cannot be flattened down.

But she was only formally diagnosed last week.

Charlotte, 28, from Great Blakenham, Suffolk, said she and partner Kevin, 35, have tried blow-drying and conditioning her daughter’s hair but to no avail.

Scientists estimate just 100 people have the condition worldwide.

It develops in childhood, usually up to age three, but can appear as late as age 12.

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Boris Johnson is known for his messy hair ( POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Affected children have light-coloured hair, described as blond or silvery with a glistening sheen.

UHS is a disorder of the hair shaft of the scalp and due to genes not working correctly. It was first identified in 1973.

Charlotte – also mum to Freddie, three – told the Sun: “Sometimes we call her Boris because her hair is just uncontrollable, no matter what we do to it her hair will never go straight.

“We have tried all sorts like blow-drying it, conditioning it, but we’ve just learned that this is just how it is.”

She added: “We’ve been in the shops and people would stop and say, gosh she looks like Boris Johnson.”

Charlotte went on to say children will often come over to her in the playground to “ruffle” Layla’s mane.

Charlotte Davis, 28, said that she has tried conditioning on her daughter’s hair but it doesn’t work ( The Sun / News Licensing)

There is no cure for UHS, but it usually gets better or goes away completely around the start of puberty.

Doctors typically suggest that you are gentle with your hair if you have UHS.

Layla is not the only child in the UK whose hair has led to comparisons with Mr Johnson.

Kohen Jax’s unruly fuzzy blonde locks cause him to be ribbed by his older siblings for looking like the Tory leader.

And the three-year-old has only ever had one haircut due to barbers refusing to cut his hair.

His mum, Aimee Ponsford, is convinced her boy has UHS.

His siblings, Crayson, 6, and Harlie, 10, call him ‘Boris’.

Scientists estimate that just 100 people have UHC worldwide that make them appear like Mr Johnson ( Getty Images)

Aimee, 29, said: “All of his siblings call him Boris, and when we’re on the school run their friends call him that too.

“He was bald until he was about one, and then he started growing these little white strands like fluff. His hair really isn’t very dense, it looks full and thick because of how it stands up but it’s not.

“Since then it’s just grown into more craziness!”

Meanwhile, eight-year-old Holly Wright has blossomed into a style icon due to her multi-coloured “lion’s mane”.

Mum Emma took her daughter on BBC1’s The One Show to discuss her locks, leading to an official diagnosis of UHS.

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