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There is an ancient ­Chinese proverb, usually made up last week, for every occasion.

One suits the present ­situation well:

Just because your cattle have drowned in floods, all your money has been stolen and your wife has run away with your best friend – it doesn’t mean to say that your house can’t burn down.

Getting rid of Boris Johnson doesn’t mean that the Conservative Party faithful can’t foist someone even worse on us.

They can, and left to their own devices they will.

There is no way to prevent their ­self-important folly.

Party members, who number less than half of one per cent of the electorate but choose a new Prime Minister for 100% of us, have an unrivalled choice of ­second-raters.

I mean, would you be given a second-hand car, much less buy one, from ­belligerent blabbermouth Liz Truss, the so-called Foreign Secretary whose ­ignorance of abroad is only exceeded by her determination to invade it. This mendacious politician, the darling of the Tory Right, claims: “I grew up in Leeds, at the heart of the Red Wall.”

Boris Johnson is resigning as PM ( UK PARLIAMENT/AFP via Getty Imag)

In fact, she was born in Oxford and raised in the leafy, upmarket Leeds suburb of Roundhay when her father became a professor at the city’s university.

This was a safe Tory constituency until long after she left. It’s now held by Labour’s Fabian Hamilton, who says: “The suggestion that Roundhay is a Red Wall area is frankly laughable, and shows how out of touch the Tories are about the North.”

The average price for a house in Roundhay is £335,301, and a detached costs £572,040. Some Red Wall. More like a blank wall of deceit.

One-time Lib Dem, turncoat ex-Remainer newly-Right-wing Truss, who boasted of having been a “professional controversialist” when young, could well be worse than Boris Johnson.

But frankly I wouldn’t give any of them house room.

In the end, they’re all bloody Tories.


Scanning deep space, the $10billion James Webb telescope sends back images of galaxies dating to the dawn of time, thirteen billion light years ago.

It’s a truly magnificent spectacle that had astronomers in tears of joy.

But they don’t answer the question so eloquently posed in 1966 by singer Cilla Black: “What’s it all about, Alfie?”


England’s Lionesses are performing brilliantly at Euro 22. But there is a downside to their success. More high-profile women’s football means more sport on radio and television, potentially twice as much.

There is too much broadcast spectator sport. Wimbledon all day every day on both main channels on the Beeb was excessive.

I suppose it will be wall-to-wall Commonwealth Games in a couple of weeks’ time, irrespective of viewers’ wishes. It’s a myth that the organised mega-business of international games increases popular sports participation. Physical activity actually decreased after the London Olympics.

The nation is getting obese as it sits on the sofa watching celeb stars vying for fame, medals and moolah. That’s what big money does to sport.


Cancer charity heroine Dame Deborah James gave her husband a deathbed blessing to find a new partner. So did actress Helen McCrory, wife of Damian Lewis.

Mrs R has a different take. She once said: “I’d want you to be happy” – before hastily adding, “but not that happy!”

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