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A three-year-old girl who had her arms ripped apart by a vicious cat almost died after contracting sepsis.

Evie Phillips-Godfrey was walking in a park near her home with her mum Steph Phillips, when she reached out to stroke a ginger cat that was roaming around.

However, the cat unexpectedly sunk its sharp teeth into her left arm, leaving little Evie desperately trying to shake it off.

The little girl was rushed to A&E to have her wounds dressed, but had a soaring temperature of 40.8 degrees soon after.

She was later readmitted to hospital, where medics informed Steph that she had developed sepsis.

Evie was initiatially rushed to hospital after the incident, where she was given antibiotics and the wounds were cleaned and dressed ( Jon Rowley – Commissioned by The Sun)
Evie was later readmitted to hospital, where medics informed Steph that her daughter had developed sepsis ( Jon Rowley – Commissioned by The Sun)

Steph, 34, from South Gloucestershire, told The Sun of how the pair had been on a stroll when the terrifying incident occurred.

The cat hadn’t seemed unfriendly, she said, and had been purring at her daughter prior to the attack.

But when Evie reached out towards the cat, it jumped up out of nowhere and latched itself onto her daughter’s arm.

“Evie screamed and tried to shake the cat off before it finally came loose,” Steph said.

“She was holding her arm and you could see the puncture marks.”

Evie’s condition deteriorated overnight after she left the doctors ( Jon Rowley – Commissioned by The Sun)

While the incident hadn’t seemed that serious at the time, the Yate mum had wanted it seen to, so rushed her girl to a minor injuries unit to get the wound patched up.

Evie was given antibiotics and the wounds were cleaned and dressed before the pair went home.

Steph said Evie was “incredibly brave” and kept saying she would be better.

But the tot’s condition deteriorated overnight.

Her temperature began to soar and she was rushed back to hospital by her worried mum when she “woke up screaming”.

Steph said it was ‘very, very scary’ ( Jon Rowley – Commissioned by The Sun)

Steph said Evie was red all over and her temperature had shot up to 40.8 degrees.

She rushed the little girl back to the doctors, where the mum was told that Evie needed an x-ray.

Realising that Evie’s wound was dangerously infected and that she was developing sepsis, doctors decided they needed to operate.

Little Evie underwent two operations, to clean the wound and kill the infection.

Steph added: “She had to have two different operations to clean the wound properly and prevent said infection.

“Her arm was going bright red because of the sepsis, it was very, very scary.

“The cat bite clearly infected her and her body reacted by going into a very strong septic shock.”

After spending around five nights in hospital, Evie is now recovering at home with her mum and her three sisters and brothers.

Following the horrific incident, Steph is urging parents to be vigilant about letting their children approach cats.

While they might not seem dangerous, Evie’s near-death experience had made her realise it was worthwhile thinking twice about letting your children approach unknown animals.

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