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Nadine Dorries is reportedly poised to join the race to be Prime Minister in a bid to keep Boris’s flame alive.

Dorries is said to be “seriously thinking about running as a disruptor candidate” after the Culture Secretary remained loyal to Boris Johnson until the bitter end.

As Johnson delivered his resignation speech outside No10, bungling Dorries stood alongside his wife Carrie who held nine-month-old daughter Romy in a sling.

It’s reported Dorries would bid for the PM role on the basis she would continue in defending Brexit, levelling up and “fighting woke culture”, reports Mail+.

Dorries has recently hit the headlines for a number of awkward public gaffes – most recently when she congratulated fellow minister Nadhim Zahawi for the wrong job in an emergency cabinet reshuffle.

Nadine Dorries acts affectionately with baby Romy as she stands alongside Carrie outside No10 ( Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries looks on as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks with baton bearers and Commonwealth Games ( Getty Images)

It came after former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and then-Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned from their positions, before Boris Johnson drafted in former Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi to take up the latter position.

But as Dorries tried to distract from the chaos within the cabinet with a congratulatory treat, she prompted only more laughter at the Tory party when she congratulated Zahawi for becoming Health Secretary.

She recalled the epic fail and deleted the tweet seconds, but not before several Twitter users managed to grab a screenshot.

Her reported plan to run for PM comes after Rishi Sunak announced he would be running for the position of PM, saying: “Let’s restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite the country.”

Dorries is said to be “seriously thinking about running as a disruptor candidate” after the Culture Secretary remained loyal to Boris Johnson until the bitter end ( AFP via Getty Images)

His announcement came two days after he and Sajid Javid, became the first frontbench MPs to quit in a dramatic week at Downing Street.

In a three-minute video launching his campaign to be Tory leader, Mr Sunak revealed the history of his family.

He said: “Let me tell you a story. About a young woman, almost a lifetime ago, who boarded a plane armed with hope for a better life and the love of her family.

Rishi Sunak announced he would officially be running fr the role of PM ( Getty Images)

“This young woman came to Britain, where she managed to find a job, but it took her nearly a year to save enough money for her husband and children to follow her.

“One of those children was my mother, aged 15. My mum studied hard and got the qualifications to become a pharmacist. She met my dad, an NHS GP, and they settled in Southampton.

“Their story didn’t end there, but that is where my story began.”

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