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He talked trash, ticked boxes and for most of Black Britain Boris Johnson was never their Prime Minister.

How could he have been after his racist remarks describing Black children as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”?

Or his claim that colonialism in Africa should never have ended?

Or his downplaying of Britain’s brutal part in the transatlantic slave trade?

Or that disgusting 2003 Spectator piece – published while he was editor – describing Jamaicans in the UK as “ludicrously self-satisfied, macho, lupine-gaited, gold-chained-and-front-toothed predators of the slums, with the bodies of giants and the mind of a pea”?

The collective hearts of Black Britain sank when the man so demonstrably unfit for any office was elected to the highest in UK politics.

Boris Johnson outside Downing Street ( Steve Reigate)

As PM he gave the illusion of addressing diversity by appointing the likes of Kwasi Kwarteng and Kemi Badenoch.

But you’ll struggle to find many with a positive word about either, particularly Badenoch with her shameful willingness to make life worse for Black Britons.

Johnson refused to condemn football fans booing England players who kneeled to highlight racial injustice during last year’s European Championship.

Kwasi Kwarteng leaves Downing Street

He deliberately selected the likes of Tony Sewell to deliver politically convenient findings in that shambolic, widely derided race report.

He empowered Priti Patel to ship people of colour off to Rwanda in a scheme vetoed as unlawful by the European Supreme Court.

Few within Black Britain will shed any tears as he departs in disgrace.

His short tenure in Downing Street made life intolerable for millions.

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