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A weight was lifted from the country’s shoulders today after one of the most ignoble individuals ever to serve in Downing Street finally announced his departure.

Boris Johnson should never have become Prime Minister.

It was obvious to anyone with even a passing knowledge of his personality that he was unfit for government, let alone the highest office.

He was handed the precious keys to power and then, bolstered by the largest Commons majority achieved by a Tory leader for more than 30 years, he embarked on a spree of economic and moral vandalism.

There was no respect for standards, honesty or propriety. His true character was never more apparent than in his churlish, ungracious and bitter resignation speech.

Boris Johnson greeted by staff and family in No10 after delivering resignation speech ( Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing Street)

Mr Johnson’s time in Downing Street was never about what he could do for the country but all about what he could do for himself.

This was a Prime Minister who turned a blind eye to bullying and sexual harassment by his colleagues.

A Prime Minister who repeatedly stretched the truth to save his own skin. And a Prime Minister who partied while the rest of the country was mourning loved ones, helping their neighbours and abiding by the rules.

Even the timing of his leaving is mired in scandal amid reports he is clinging on so he and his wife Carrie can hold a wedding party at the grace-and-favour home of Chequers.

Boris Johnson comforted by wife Carrie and their children inside Downing Street ( Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing Street)

His conduct should disbar him from serving another day in No 10, let alone an additional three months.

To coin a phrase: Leave should mean leave.

Johnson arrogantly thought he was a new Winston Churchill. It is fitting he has ended up serving the same amount of time as Neville Chamberlain. His premiership will forever be regarded as a squalid chapter in British history.

Former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill ( The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

The nation is poorer, weaker and diminished as a result of his time in power.

It is this country’s misfortune that we are set for the fourth Conservative Prime Minister in six years. They have brought chaos when the country, now in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, wants stability.

Britain needs a new start which can only mean a change of government.

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