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Gemma Owen has dropped a revelation about her relationship with Luca Bish on Love Island.

The contestants have been coupled up since the first week of the series, and while they seem fairly happy together, viewers can’t help but notice that Luca is the more enthusiastic of the pair.

This has led to many believing that Gemma isn’t actually into Luca, and are theorising that she may have her head turned by one of the new Casa Amor arrivals.

In Sunday’s episode (3 July), when discussing her relationship with Luca to the new boys, Gemma revealed a bombshell that has left viewers feeling awkward for Luca.

She said that, if Luca asks her to be his girlfriend in the villa, she would say no.

Her reasoning was that she would like to seek the approval of her family, including dad Michael Owen, away from the cameras.

Viewers are now anticipating a future episode in which Luca will be turned down by Gemma after he asks if they can become official.

‘Love Island’ couple Gemma and Luca


Should they stay together, fans also think that this comment will be shown to Luca in the episode that allows contestants to watch back specific moments from the series.

“If Luca asks Gemma to be his gf that’s gonna be so awkward,” one viewer wrote on Twitter, with another adding: “Not Gemma saying she doesn’t wanna be official when Luca is obsessed with her.”

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2 every day other than Saturdays.

Episodes are available to watch the following morning on BritBox.