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On Thursday, the killers of little Logan Mwangi were jailed for life.

The details of the crimes committed against him are too horrific to recount here.

He was just five years old. It is unthinkable – the pain these deaths cause, the shattered lives.

And the sheer evil it takes to carry them out.

Paula Hudgell knows. She adopted son Tony, abused so badly he lost both his legs.

Paula took him in, gave him safety and a new life.

And she promised she would do everything she could to ensure what happened to Tony never happens to another boy or girl.

Logan Mwangi’s body was found dumped in a river ( PA)

We teamed up with Paula to help her in her fight.

Two days before the sentencing of Logan’s killers, Tony’s law came into force.

It meant the maximum term for anyone who abuses a child is increased from 14 years to life.

A victory, although one drenched in sadness. A victory for Paula. A victory for Tony.

For Logan – and for Star, Arthur, Kyrell, all those other young lives ended so abruptly and in such pain.

Paula is still fighting.

Angharad Williamson, 31, has been jailed for murder ( PA)
John Cole, 40, was jailed for a minimum of 29 years ( PA)

She wants a register for all those convicted of cruelty against kids. We should be able to know if anyone in our community has harmed a child.

Paula has already met a minister and Home Office panel. She’ll only stop when she’s done all she can to protect children.

It will be a long, hard fight but we know Paula can do it.

We will be with her all the way.

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