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The actor was known for his patience and professionalism on set. In the previous Moonraker, he had calmly reshot the scene with the malfunctioning gondola turning into a hovercraft – even though each time it dumped him into a Venetian canal and he had to be dried, redressed and restyled only for it to happen again and again.

He also carried on shooting the scene where 007 gets trapped in a spinning zero-gravity simulator – even though the process kept bruising his face.

His good humor and team spirit were legendary.

He once admitted: “I have to have fun when I’m working. Work is fun to me. If there is an atmosphere of tension on set then I’m gone. I have to wander off in a corner and I become a recluse.…  I like to make fun, I like to play jokes and I like other people to play jokes on me, which they do.”