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Hundreds of teenagers broke into a £6.5million mansion for a ‘Fight Club’ style party which ended in a violent brawl.

Around 200 American youngsters attended the illegal gathering, with many posting footage of their antics to social media.

Police were called to the huge mansion in Seaside, Florida, where they they were immediately met by groups of people fighting in the hallway – complete with boxing gloves, the Daily Star reports.

Local cops who attended the scene say that the teens broke into the property for an impromptu party, where belongings were vandalised and damaged.

The teenagers posted evidence of their breaking, entering and fighting to Snapchat with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office posting videos from the house party to its Facebook page.

Police officers in Florida are searching for around 200 young adults who they say broke into the £6.5m mansion, vandalising the property in the process ( Walton County Police Dept)
First responders at the scene were immediately met in the foyer by groups of brawling teenagers with boxing gloves at the ‘Fight Club’ style party ( Walton County Police Dept)

They hope to identify the dozens of individuals spotted in the footage and hope that around 200 young adults would ‘come clean’ and turn themselves in.

In a statement posted to Facebook, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office wrote: “An open house party is against the law. An open house party in a home you break into is a burglary.”

The Sheriff’s office also said: “Your friends will snitch. Word gets out. You’ll be tagged in pics on the Gram. Also, we can subpoena Snapchat.”

Around 200 youngsters attended the illegal gathering, with many posting video of their antics to social media websites including Snapchat ( Walton County Police Dept)
The luxury mansion in Seaside, Florida, has been vandalised as a result of the ‘Fight Club’ style party which saw hundreds of youngsters break into the property ( Walton County Police Dept)

Tough words from the Sheriff’s office prompted thousands of comments from concerned users, with locals lamenting the area for now being filled with issues, with one saying they were “beyond disgusted” at the event.

After the break in, the homeowners, who are currently trying to sell the property, said they were planning on “pressing every civil and criminal charge possible against everyone involved in the burglary of their home.”

The Sheriff’s office also alleges that someone made a flyer for the party and passed it around, with ClickOrlando reporting officers want to find the person who made the flyer.

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