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In a one-one-on meeting during the 48th in Germany, joked to that the colloquially named ‘Canada Force One’ was bigger than his own official jet, having seen it on the tarmac. Both politicians had flown in from Rwanda, where they were taking part in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Mr Trudea claimed that his jet was in fact smaller, but Mr Johnson described his plane as “very modest”. 

Mr Trudea’s CC-150 Polaris is, in fact, the larger of the two official jets. 

It is an impressive 153 feet in length compared to the UK Prime Minister’s A321neo, which is a close second at 146ft long. 

‘Canada Force One’ also boasts a wingspan of around 144ft and a top speed of 639 miles per hour. 

It can fly almost 6,000 miles without needing to refuel, which is a remarkable feat. 

By contrast, Mr Johnson’s plane has a smaller wingspan of 117ft, a top speed of 544mph and a range of just under 5,000 miles. 

But the British plane, despite being smaller, can carry up to 50 more passengers than Mr Trudea’s Polaris. 

Mr Johnson’s plane brags a capacity of 244 versus Mr Trudea’s 194. 

Despite the seriousness of the G7 meeting, which is the first meeting of these global leaders together since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the two Prime Minister’s still found time to lighten the mood. 

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