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Chiles added that, “It was never drudgery with Roger.” However, the leading man himself, made a rare admission that he had struggled with that final “re-entry” love scene, calling it the “hardest of my career.”

He said: “I was hanging there, with all the blood rushing into my nose and eyes.” 

Chiles also revealed that beneath the smooth exterior, the actor had some insecurities: “The debonair, suave Bond you saw on screen was all Roger. Off screen, he was pretty much the same guy. He was elegant, kind and a very dear person, though I think that was partly a defence. 

“Bond had its critics, and many had questioned Roger’s acting. But he would joke about that. When honoured by the Friar’s Club in New York, he told them: ‘Say whatever you want about how bad my acting is, it won’t hurt my feelings, because everybody else has said it before.'”