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The body of a blind three-year-old boy has been found in a freezer with his mother arrested by cops.

Young Chase Allen was found by police in their rundown home in Detroit, US, on Friday morning.

Child Protective Services had been called to the home “dozens of times” this year alone but were never allowed inside the property, it was claimed.

The boy’s grandmother revealed that Chase’s mum “couldn’t” deal with Chase, who was blind and had other disabilities.

Chase hadn’t been seen since March, with the boy’s mother asking family members to take care of him on several occasions.

Officials sensed something was wrong when they conducted a wellness check at the home, but the woman who answered the door acted strangely.

It hasn’t been revealed by police what triggered the need for a wellness check to be carried out.

Police recovered Chase Allen’s decomposing body from the rundown home in Detroit on Friday morning ( Facebook)

“She tried to push the officers away as if there was nothing going on,” Detroit Police Chief James White told Detroit News.

“Something was not right about the conversation.”

The officers called for a supervisor and, when the team entered the home, they discovered five children living in squalor and the decomposed body of another child, thought to be a three-year-old boy, in a basement freezer.

During a press conference, White said the case “shocked” both him and his team.

After the boy’s body was found, the woman was reportedly arrested and her five surviving children taken to a hospital.

Chase Allen’s body was found in the freezer of the rundown home ( Facebook)

Once their physical health is assessed, the children will undergo what’s known as a “Kid’s Talk” – forensic interview with investigators and a child psychologist.

As well as interviewing the suspect and her children, investigators are now looking into whether the woman had previous contacts with Detroit Police or the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Investigators don’t know how long the child’s body was in the freezer, or whether his siblings knew he was there, police said.

“You can imagine they’re all going to be suffering from some level of trauma. We’ll learn more in the coming hours and coming days after the kids are interviewed,” White added.

Toni Haynes, the boy’s grandmother has now set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Chase’s funeral, and for clothing and other necessities for the surviving children ( Facebook)

Officers who were at the scene are being offered counseling through the department’s Peer Support programme.

Toni Haynes, the boy’s grandmother, has now set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Chase’s funeral, and for clothing and other necessities for the surviving children.

“If anyone has anything other than money that they can donate to the children, we would greatly appreciate that too due to the mother being incarcerated,” Haynes wrote.

She added that the other children are girls aged three months and nine years old, and boys aged two, five and seven years old.