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Forget a storm in a teacup, this is a full-blown Costa living crisis.

Coffee drinkers are being charged up to £4 by Costa Coffee for a large mocha, with train stations particularly pricey.

And rival Caffe Nero has gone down a similar pricing track of charging rail travellers more for their caffeine hits.

The Sunday People found Costas at stations in Manchester and Edinburgh charged 10p more per drink than at the cities’ high street branches.

There was only a 5p difference between station and high street in London but each of the five drinks we looked at cost more in the capital.

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Our investigation found that Caffe Nero charged more at train stations than elsewhere ( SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The most expensive we found were at Westminster Tube station where large lattes and cappuccinos are £3.85, an americano £3.35, a mocha £4, and a small flat white £3.30. Nero’s high street branches are 5-15p per drink less than in rail stations.

This week it emerged Costa is putting up its prices in high street ­outlets for the second time in six months.

Some customers were charged up to £4 for a coffee ( Getty Images)

Martyn James, of consumer group Resolver, said: “There’s absolutely no excuse for dual pricing. Commuters will hit the roof when they discover this profiteering.”

Costa said stores’ ­locations and opening times can mean higher operating costs.

Caffe Nero also cited higher costs.

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