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could be plotting a summer cabinet reshuffle after two disastrous by-elections this week and the resignation of the chairman Oliver Dowden. After months of scandal for the Prime Minister and his MPs, Mr Johnson is looking to refresh the party and attempt to carry the Tories through to another general election win. But who could be axed – and who could be making a surprise return?

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock is rumoured to be making a return to frontline politics after resigning in disgrace in 2021 after a video emerged of him snogging an aide in Whitehall while social distancing rules were in place.

Mr Hancock has remained a vocal supporter of the Prime Minister even after his resignation, most recently saying that Conservatives needed to “pull together” for a general election.

The former health secretary has not been pinned to any particular spot – but making him Mr Dowden’s replacement could be one of the least controversial positions for a politician who fell from grace so spectacularly.

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Who is safe?

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is likely to be safe from any major reshuffle given her popularity with Conservative members and her persistent towing of the party line.

Dominic Raab, who was demoted to Justice Secretary in the last reshuffle, is also likely to remain in his job to see through the UK Bill of Rights.

The Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace, who is a popular cabinet member given the UK’s successful response to the invasion of Ukraine, is highly unlikely to be moved at this time.