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A psychologist has claimed Boris Johnson’s sense of ‘entitlement’ could explain why he seems to face disaster-after-disaster.

Behaviour expert and psychologist Dr Pam Spur says those who often have a sense of entitlement, can feel they are permitted to act and do as they wish.

This in turn can lead to boundaries being pushed further and further – before repercussions lead to scandal and disaster.

He also explained how those who enter top government positions are “natural risktakers”.

However, Dr Spur also said Johnson’s colourful personal life and an “unknown number of children is a high indicator of a risk-taking nature”.

It comes after the most recent drama facing the PM saw Oliver Dowden confirming he would resign.

A party source admitted Dowden’s resignation letter was critical of the Prime Minister.

Dr Pam Spur explains here why Johnson’s personality traits could account for his scandal-riddled life

Behaviour expert and psychologist Dr Pam Spur says those who often have a sense of entitlement, can feel they are permitted to act and do as they wish ( REUTERS)

“In my work I’ve met many people like Boris Johnson who lurch from one difficult and testing situation to another but always seem to emerge unscathed. I see such people because loved ones have given ultimatums that they must change their ways.

“Going from one disaster to another is usually due to certain personality traits, first and foremost a sense of entitlement. When someone feels highly entitled, as one of Johnson’s schoolmasters pointed out in a school report, they believe they are untouchable. They believe they’re entitled to do as they wish.

“Such a sense of entitlement is a powerful driver of future actions. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy pushing boundaries further and further as we have seen Johnson do over issues like party-gate.

Dr Spur explained how those who enter top government positions are “natural risktakers” ( POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

‘Then there is a lack of empathy for others. In Johnson’s case, minister after minister will do the daily rounds of briefings having to suck up accusations from journalists about their PM.

“Most people with a mature sense of empathy would realise this puts their underlings in a terrible position. For someone without empathy, they just don’t care. They expect people they’re in charge of to just get on with their bidding.

“Many who end up in powerful positions also are natural risktakers. Again, this means they’ll push boundaries where others would hesitate and consider other options. As well as his political decisions, Johnson’s personal life of affairs and an unknown number of children, is a high indicator of a risk-taking nature.

“Also, the number of high-profile resignations, as well as protestations, from various Conservative MPs about his behaviour, have fallen on deaf ears. This speaks to an extreme sense of self belief, that you know best and that their opinions don’t count as much as what you think about things.

Cabinet Office showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson (left) and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak at a gathering in the Cabinet Room in 10 Downing Street on his birthday ( PA)

“He also has a juvenile manner of joking, often witnessed when answering journalists’ questions about serious topics. This can flag up an immature streak. The sort of naughty schoolboy who will joke about the things they probably shouldn’t have done.

“And at the same time as they joke, they relish seeing people’s shocked responses to their antics. They enjoy how they rile others.

“These and other characteristics mean that Johnson will have to be forced out.

“However, if behind-the-scenes it becomes too stressful for Carrie Johnson – riding through these episodes while raising their young children – then this loved one of his, may push him to resign.”

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