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Mr Taylor argued Tony Blair’s open borders policy has “absolutely ruined our country” in a heated rant over the impact of the former Prime Minister’s legacy on the UK. The political commentator took particular issue over Mr Blair’s stance on the European Union, claiming he “wanted to be the president” of the bloc.  He claimed after he stressed “what we’re seeing right now in the UK are the consequences of what he did” as Prime Minister.

Mr Taylor told Talk TV: “His open borders policy has absolutely ruined our country.

“It has attacked our culture and our way of life.

“He wanted to be the president of the European Union.

“I did believe in Tony Blair’s premiership, and what we’re seeing right are the consequences and the cost of what he did back then when he was the Prime Minister of this country.

“Let’s not forget that this is the guy who have this open borders policy that actually is bringing in cheap labour for decades under his leadership.”

Mr Taylor continued: “We’ve seen the stagnation of wages.

“The poverty that we see around the country now.

“I believe in multiculturalism.

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