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As Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK tour comes to an end, the Bohemian Rhapsody movie continues to dominate the Netflix film chart. Met with a lukewarm reaction from the critics, the Queen biopic went on to make over $900 million worldwide, with Rami Malek bagging the Best Actor Oscar for his incredible portrayal of the late great Freddie Mercury. But did you know that Brian May’s favourite scene was almost cut?

May previously said in an interview: “My favourite Rami moment is when Freddie is plucking up the courage to tell us he’s going off to do his solo album. It’s a wonderful piece of acting – and a lot of that wasn’t in the script. And when I watch it I feel that is so Freddie. He’d talk quietly, puff on his cigarette, not want to come out with the words. Eventually, he did it – in a very cut-and-dry manner. But you can see the angst inside.”

May added: “One of the great breakthroughs early on was [screenwriter] Peter Morgan saying: ‘This is a film about family.’ It’s about all the stuff that happens in a family – some good, some bad, the going away, the searching for independence and then the nurture of the family. It’s a film about that stuff, on one level, and then it’s about Freddie’s emerging talent, his amazing resilience and sense of humour.”