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The latest episode in the Star Wars Universe – The Rise of Skywalker – ended with Rey Skywalker walking into the desert with her new yellow lightsaber and moving on with her life. The next step of the series has not yet been unveiled by Disney, but many are expecting Rey to be the main focus of the series.

With that said, the House of Mouse have also been focussing on their Disney Plus TV shows set in the Star Wars universe, with the Obi-Wan Kenobi show being its most recent, as well as The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

But a new report suggests one of Hollywood’s biggest Stranger Things stars is currently in talks with Kathleen Kennedy to join a future project.

Kennedy is the president of Lucasfilm, and therefore one of the biggest bosses behind the Star Wars franchise. She has shaped the franchise over the past few years, with added help from producers and directors Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

According to a new claim, Kennedy has her eye on the actor behind Eleven in the Netflix series: Millie Bobby Brown.

The report claims: “Millie is on Disney’s radar for the new Star Wars projects. She’s had contact with Kathleen, who is aware of her desire to feature in a movie or play a central role in one of the new TV projects for Disney Plus.”

The report says the conversations are “informal” but are backed up by “huge mutual respect”. It also added Disney executives know “just how much of an icon” Brown already is for the younger audience – likely due to her position in Stranger Things, as well as her roles in movies Godzilla Vs Kong and Enola Holmes.

They went on: “She could easily take home $15m for a first film or series. And she doesn’t need to audition – it’s more a case of how the director and her bond. She has the gravitas to hold down the lead for that universe.” (Via The Mirror)

However exciting this is, her involvement does beg the question: Who would she be playing?

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Last year Star Wars leaker Mike Zeroh claimed Rey’s story would continue in a Disney Plus TV show. He said fans would be reunited with Rey after she had given birth to a new Jedi: Cade Skywalker.

This character, the YouTuber claimed, would have been immaculately conceived, but would be the son of Ben Solo / Kylo Ren.

He noted: “[Cade] is different as he is the son of Rey Skywalker. He is going to be born the same way Anakin [Skywalker] was, in a different light.”

Zeroh went on: “Favreau is creating a canon piece in Star Wars that both Ben Solo’s spirit and Rey are now one and that she will give birth to Cade through the Force – very similar to what Shmi Skywalker did with Anakin.”

He also explained the series would follow Rey running away from people trying to hunt her and his child. The leaker also said Tron: Legacy star Garett Hedlund was up for the role of Cade.

The Star Wars franchise is available to stream on Disney Plus now.