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As the war in Ukraine drags on through its fourth month, Europeans remain largely united in backing Kyiv, but are divided over how long they’re willing to endure the conflict’s economic fallout, a poll published Wednesday shows.

The survey across 10 European countries suggests that public attention may turn from the war to fears about its wider impact, particularly the rising cost of living on the continent. European governments will have to keep those concerns in mind as they seek to maintain public support for their Ukraine policies, some analysts say.

Slightly more than a third of those surveyed want the war to be over as soon as possible, even at the expense of Ukrainian territorial concessions, while 22 percent say it should last as long as it takes to punish Russia and restore all of Ukraine’s land.

Still, Europeans are not divided over support for Ukraine — or about who’s responsible for the war. A large majority, 73 percent, mainly blame Moscow, and 64 percent think that Russia, not the United States, the European Union or Ukraine, is the biggest obstacle to peace.