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A mum-of-four has said she ‘won’t survive another winter’ after living in a damp and flooded flat for 5 years.

Joanna Vienesta, 44, has to walk around her flooded flat in wellington boots after her four-bedroom property has pipes leaking regularly.

The mum, from Ongar, Essex said her eight-year-old daughter, who she lives with, cut her chin open slipping over the surface water in a freak accident.

She claims the flat has left them with health conditions and has called on Epping Forest District Council, who manage the property, to fix her horror flat.

In addition to slipping over, Joanna has “cracked four ribs” falling over surface water in her bathroom due to the leaky pipes – and claims the mould in her house causes her to lose her voice regularly.

Her 8-year-old daughter has suffered as a result of living in the damp conditions and has missed school lessons due to feeling unwell in the home.

The mum claims her daughter is too embarrassed to invite friends over because of the condition of the property.

The mum has to walk around in wellington boots due to the flooded floorboards ( Joanna Vienesta/ The Sun / News Licensing)

Joanna told The Sun: “This is the hell we live with everyday, I cannot go on. It is so degrading as a human.

“All I want is a house that is suitable. I just want a nice home for my little one.”

Joanna’s told how the problems happened soon after the family moved – as three of the children have left -when her daughter’s immersion heater leaked so badly it caused her bedroom ceiling to collapse.

The flat, on Moreton Road, has also led to mould on her kitchen cabinets as the leaky pipes have caused her draws to fall to pieces.

Joanna says she ‘will not survive another winter’ if she is forced to live any longer in the flooded home ( Joanna Vienesta/ The Sun / News Licensing)

Her bathroom leaks and water has coming out from the toilet which has lifted up the flooring – meaning she now can move her toilet anywhere round the house.

The 44-year-old said she spends the majority of her time “emptying buckets of water seven to eight times a day” as she places them under the flooded pipes in order to try and stem the outpouring.

The mum pays £530 a month for her flat and cares for her ill mum and dad who live nearby but admits her life is a “living hell” as the council have failed to rectify the problems caused by the flooding.

The council promised work on her property would be completed in January but has not begun – as the council now want the mum and daughter to move into a hostel due to the lack of houses available.

The flooded pipes have done enormous damage to the property ( Joanna Vienesta/ The Sun / News Licensing)

However, Joanna has claimed the council won’t let take her two dogs and cat with them – as they would have to be given away or put down – in order to move away from the damp flat.

She admitted although the house is “hell” moving into a hostel would be like “prison”.

Cllr Holly Whitbread, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Community said: “Epping Forest District Council is committed to maintaining high quality homes.

The surface water has led to the pair falling over ( Joanna Vienesta/ The Sun / News Licensing)
Her toilet’s floorboards have been soaked through and she can move the loo ( Joanna Vienesta/ The Sun / News Licensing)

“Our top priority is to support our tenants and create thriving communities where people want to live.

“Although we can’t comment on the specifics of this case, after numerous attempts to engage with Mrs Vienesta, our teams are working with her and her family extensively to resolve her housing issues.

“This has included the offer of temporary accommodation while works are carried out.

“We will continue to work hard to support the family, to reach a resolution”.

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