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Stranger Things has released teaser photos from the final episodes of season four volume two, and fans are convinced Max (Sadie Sink) is in danger.

The first part of the latest season – released on 27 May – sees the group of friends split between California and Indiana. As the midwest crew battles Vecna, a new monster from the Upside Down, the West Coast group is in search of Eleven.

After taking two lives, Vecna is on the prowl, ultimately choosing Max as its next victim. However, in a tense scene of survival, Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” ends up saving Max, leaving her to fight another day.

While the end of part one portrays Max alive and well, fans on Twitter are worried that the new promo photos released today (14 June) may say otherwise.

In one of the stills, the Hawkins gang is pictured standing around a table looking at a book, with Max to the right lurking in the shadows.

“Why is Max standing so far back WHY IS MAX STANDING SO FAR BACK?” one fan questioned.

Another responded: “Something is not ok.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2


“Oh it’s going to be Max isn’t it,” one user wrote.

One fan pleaded: “Max in the third photo is making me worried pls just leave her alone.”

“CRYING IM SO SCARED FOR LUMAX,” another commented, referencing the name shared between Max and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin).

Others cross-referenced scenes from the trailer sneak peek released on 9 June, which shows Lucas screaming.

“I hate to break it to you but i think Max will die dude remember in the trailer when Lucas is scared compare it with the photo where Lucas and Max are next to the blue light yep,” a viewer explained.

Meanwhile, audiences have also pointed out an upsetting background Easter egg about Max and her brother Billy, who died in the last season.

Read The Independent’s review of part one here.

Stranger Things returns with season four volume two on 1 July on Netflix.