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Boris Johnson is trying to rescue his troubled leadership by breaking the emergency glass marked ‘Brexit Row’.

The Government’s new Northern Ireland Bill is a desperate attempt to divert the attention of a disappointed and skint public away from his chaotic Tory leadership.

By introducing a Bill to unilaterally rip up the Northern Ireland Protocol the Government is letting the EU off the hook.

We all know the prime minister doesn’t think past what he’s doing tomorrow so it’s no wonder there are problems with the deal he negotiated two years ago.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What we need is sober negotiation and focus.

The UK doesn’t need to re-join the Customs Union or the Single Market.

Baroness Jenny Chapman, right ( REUTERS)

Instead of looking back we need to listen to what businesses in Northern Ireland who have come together to find solutions are saying today.

They told the House of Lords last week that they want simpler rules and agreements to remove checks – like the veterinary one the Labour Party has been asking for.

They want efficiency, certainty, simplicity and pragmatism so that they can trade and help revive our exhausted economy.

The truth is the Tories are deliberately making things worse because Boris Johnson needs the drama. Labour would make Brexit work.

A Labour government would buy British, not for the sake of it but because it’s the best. Investing in the skills and the jobs of the future to grow an economy that works for everyone, especially in the regions with the most untapped potential.

For the Tories, it’s a case of never mind that the British people are struggling to pay their bills, get a passport or fill their cars with petrol. They think a row with the EU will deliver a political pay-off but the truth is they’ve run out of Brexit road.

Time to fix the problems with the deal once and for all so Government can deal with the real and immediate crisis facing millions of British families.

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