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A professional Morris dancer left in charge of her dead parents’ £2 million fortune has been removed as executor of the estate after being accused of having her “hands in the till”.

Dana Conlin and her brother Eugene were appointed to look after the multimillion pound estate of their parents Rosina and Charles.

The couple died within a year of one another, leaving behind their property empire in south Wales in 2013.

But Dana was accused of using it for her own “personal profit” during a “dysfunctional” court fight over their inheritance.

The family wealth was to be managed by the siblings until their dead brother Daniel’s children were old enough to inherit their combined 35.7% share of the estate.

In total, this is worth at least £2m, London’s High Court heard. But after a family “falling out” in 2017, the clan ended up fighting each other in court.

Dana Conlin ( Champion News)

Dana was accused of spending on the estate credit card and putting up her son for free in an estate property.

She was also was also accused of wiping £175,000 off the value of her parents’ six-bedroom house, set in two acres of gardens and orchards, after putting off buyers with “smelly rubbish” and “full ashtrays” while living there.

The dancer hotly denied all the accusations and in turn blamed her brother Eugene for mismanaging the estate.

Eugene admitted both of them had profited from the estate and offered to pay it back, claiming that both of them should be removed from management of it.

Now they have both been removed as executors and trustees by a judge at the High Court.

Dana was also handed a £90,000 costs bill after the pair were sued by their disgruntled nieces and nephews.

Niece Shannon Roberts is entitled to a share of the family inheritance ( Champion News)

The court heard that Rosina and Charles left mirror wills for their estates which included Bell House, in Magor, Caldicot, comprising 11 commercial units and worth an unknown seven figure sum.

They also left development land worth £1.2m, and the couple’s home White Heather in Penhow, which later sold for £650,000.

Charles and Rosina had four children, but only Dana and Eugene are still alive.

Daniel’s three children, Shannon Roberts, 27, Kitty Conlin, 25, and Ethan Conlin 21, are now entitled to inherit just over a third of the estate between them.

But Dana and Eugene, who had each been left a quarter share, are the executors and trustees and have still not cashed in the assets in the estate since the fall out.

They were dragged to court last month by their nieces and nephews, who accused them of mismanaging the estate and using it to cover their personal spending, despite each having already been handed £50,000 of their inheritance.

Nephew Ethan Conlin is also entitled to a share ( Champion News)

James Poole, for the nieces and nephews, told judge Master William Hansen that they say both their aunt and uncle have been spending estate money.

“Eugene says Dana was using the estate credit card for personal purchases so he started doing so too,” he said.

“Eugene says Dana’s son has been living in one of the flats at Bell House and not paying any rent.”

He also told the judge that White Heather, while marketed for £800,000, had sold for just £625,000.

Eugene blames that “undervalue” and consequent loss to the estate on his sister Dana, who lived in the house for four years before its sale in 2017.

In a letter read to the judge, Eugene claimed that the property was “a complete mess” during viewings with “cars and vans everywhere full ashtrays, smelly rubbish and maggots and flies”.

White Heather, Penhow, where Rosina and Charles Conlin lived ( Champion News)

It described the smell as “unbearable” and blamed Dana for “her abuse of the property…putting buyers off and devaluing the property”.

Mr Poole also told the judge that one of the commercial tenants at Bell House had been “trying to pay its rent since 2017 but can’t because the defendants cant agree where it should be paid.”

“This exemplifies the level of dysfunction with which these trusts have been administered…it’s frankly absurd,” he added.

Giving Dana’s side, he added: “Dana says it’s Eugene’s fault. She denies she had her hands in the till.

“Her position is that she hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Eugene however admits to having taken money from the estate and offered to quit his roles as executor and trustee and to pay back what he has taken, he said.

“His position is that both defendants have profited from their roles as executors,” he continued.

“He is offering to pay it back. Dana’s position is very clearly that she doesn’t have to pay a penny.”

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The barrister told the judge that “frightening costs” had been run up through the family fight having to come to court.

But Gareth Thomas, for Dana, told the judge that she finds the situation “embarrassing and frustrating”.

Arguing that she should be allowed to remain in her positions of responsibility and Eugene alone removed, he said removal of an executor is a “drastic step only to be taken in a very clear cut case”.

Dana says she was simply living at the house until it could be sold and denies devaluing it during her occupation.

“She says the house was only ever worth £625,000,” her barrister said.

The judge added that the nieces and nephews have “numerous grounds of complaint against Eugene and Dana individually.”

He said: “The assets of this estate haven’t been realised despite the long passage of time and they’re plainly unable to work together – of that, I am quite sure.

“It is common ground this is a sizeable and complex estate with significant assets worth potentially millions of pounds.

“This situation cannot be allowed to persist any longer. I therefore propose to make an order removing both defendants as executors and trustees.”

He said the costs run up by the nieces and nephews should be awarded against both defendants, but that Eugene would get indemnity as an executor so his costs would be paid by the estate.

But the judge stripped Dana of her indemnity, meaning that £90,000 will come out of her share personally.

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