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A security guard has been hailed as a “hero” after he fought off creeps who were sexually assaulting two 13-year-old schoolgirls in a park.

Friends of Roberto Andre, 24, twigged he was the hero when a mum took to social media to thank a bearded hero wearing black with an ID card round his neck and a hand bandage.

The 13-year-olds say they were pushed, spat on, and had their chests and legs grabbed by two male attackers.

Roberto, 24, told MyLondon he received lots of messages from friends asking “is this you, is this you” after his detailed description caught their attention.

The incident is said to have happened in Cottons Park, east London at around 5pm on May 20.

Cottons Park, east London, where the two girls were attacked

Mr Andre said: “It was a hot day so I thought I would go to the park and relax. As I [was] leaving near the London Road end of Cottons Park I just saw something that was just not right.

“Then one of the girls looked like ‘call the police’ on her face. She looked distressed and I made eye contact with her.

“I went over and said ‘What’s going on?’ The one I made eye contact with said ‘They are bothering us’, the other one looked a bit upset, red faced and trying to walk away as fast as she could.

“I have gone over and said in unpolite terms ‘go away’.

“One of the guys stepped closer to me and said ‘What are you going to do?’

“The other grabbed me by the arm and then the other lunged.

“I had no choice but to defend myself. Just one punch like a warning shot.

“Bear in mind my hand was in a bandage. I got a good [punch in] I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it.”

Mr Andre was already nursing a sore hand after being attacked by a dog while on duty in Romford.

After landing a shot on the chin, Mr Andre said one of the men stepped between them and “aggressively pushed” him.

He added: “I pushed him back but by that point the girls were walking the way they came in.

“At this point he says he chased the men out the park who fled in a short-wheelbase white Transit van with a European number plate.”

Mr Andre described what he saw the men do before realising he needed to step in.

He said: “I saw them touching them, they were stroking [one girl’s] hair and grabbing her hair.

“He had his palm on the back of her neck, that prompted me to pay attention.

“They did not look like they were together and they were clearly not related.”

The two men are said to have been dressed in similar “silky” tracksuits – one blue and one black – and both had black hair, one with a “frizzy” beard and the other just stubble, according to Mr Andre.

Speaking after the incident, the girl’s mum said: “The girls were scared, they did as he told and left the area.

“We don’t know what happened to this man or these men but the girls themselves didn’t hang around to find out.”

Mr Andre said he has since spoken to the mum who thanked him for his bravery.

Police told The Mirror they were looking into details of the incident.

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