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Sleaford Mods has hit out at Harry Styles and his “unremarkable albums” that are “forced on you like KFC”.

The English post-punk duo shared their strong views on Twitter on Saturday (28 May).

“Harry Styles. Forced on you like KFC. Every unremarkable album release pounded into your sensory temples,” they wrote. “It’s insufferable.”

Earlier this month, the former One Direction band member released his third album Harry’s House. You can read The Independent’s four-star review of the record here.

In January this year, Sleaford Mods – made up of Jason Williams and Andrew Fearn – released their 11th studio album as a critical response to the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

You can read The Independent’s three-star review of Spare Ribs here.

“Recorded mid-pandemic, Spare Ribs is touted as a portrait of pandemic Britain and a response to the government’s incompetent, uncaring treatment of the public as disposable meat throughout the Covid debacle. But any coherent protest gets lost in the shouting,” writes Mark Beaumont.

Their post has received mixed responses from followers, with some people agreeing with the duo and others defending Styles as “brilliant”.