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If you’re sitting down to the latest Wordle puzzle and can’t quite figure out the answer, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Wordle 342 is live for May 27, and it’s another tricky puzzle to solve. If you want a little help but don’t want to cheat, then head down to the bottom of the page for the latest selection of spoiler-free hints for Wordle 342. Good luck figuring out the answer, and remember to check back tomorrow for the next set of Wordle clues.

A great game that’s best played when you’ve got five or ten minutes to spare, Wordle tasks players with figuring out a five letter word in just six guesses.

To master Wordle and solve those daily puzzles, you’ll need to pay close attention to the colour of the tiles after each guess.

If the letter tile turns grey, the letter does not appear in the word you are guessing. If the tile turns yellow, the letter you guessed is in the word, just not in the correct position. If the tile turns green, the letter is in the word and in the right place.

The app keeps track of your statistics, showing the number of correct answers you’ve managed, as well as your winning streak.

If you fail to solve the puzzle, then you’ll have to wait until the next day for a new Wordle to be released. You’ll also lose your precious winning streak.

Read on for some general Wordle tips, followed by three specific clues for Wordle 342 on May 27…

General Wordle tips and tricks…

• Don’t use the same letter twice in your opening guess.

• Try to use a couple of vowels in your first guess, particularly ‘A’ and ‘E’.

• Avoid letters such as ‘X’, ‘Z’ and ‘Q’ until later on, when you have a better idea what the answer is.

• ‘RAISE’ is a good word to start with, while ‘TOUCH’ is a decent second guess.

• Check out the daily hints provided by Express Online below…

Wordle 342 hints and clues for May 27…

1. Wordle 342 starts with the letter T.

2. Wordle 342 contains two vowels, and one of them appears twice.

3. Figure this out and you’ll take the Wordle crown.