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A dad-of-five burned to death after crashing his Tesla and getting stuck in the vehicle during rescue efforts.

Dr Omar Awan died in February 2019 after he crashed his Model S Tesla in Florida, on South Flamingo Road in Broward County.

According to the medical examiner report, the dad survived the initial impact and instead died as a result of severe burns and smoke inhalation.

A Davie Police spokeswoman told NBC 6 that officers who rushed to the scene of the crash “couldn’t find a door knob to go in that way and unfortunately were not able to extract the driver”.

“They attempted to break the window in order to get the subject out but were not successful,” she added.

“The flames were too strong. Too big at that point.”

Dr Awan’s family is now suing Tesla, alleging the Model S design was “defective”.

Those on the scene couldn’t get him out of the car because “the door handles failed”, their lawsuit claimed.

They went on to say in the suit that the vehicle had an “unreasonably dangerous fire risk” and that the combination resulted in a death trap.

Tesla has denied all of the family’s allegations about who was at fault in the accident.

The car was “state of the art”, they said, and made to industry standards.

Tesla markets the Model S online as being one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the road – with its door handles that retract into the door being one of the reasons why.

Dr Omar Awan’s family has now sued Elon Musk’s car company claiming his death could have been avoided ( Twitter)

An investigating police officer said he asked an expert at Tesla about the door handles, who told him they were supposed to automatically pop out “in the event of a crash and do reliably in minor to moderate crashes”.

However, the officer noted that in this crash, they did not.

The car company also said Dr Awan had drugs in his system which impaired him, citing his blood alcohol, which according to a toxicology report was above the legal limit.

Tesla also said Awan had drugs in his system that impaired him citing his blood alcohol level – which was above the legal limit, according to a toxicology report.

In the investigative report of the crash, police wrote he was speeding.

Dr Awan’s wife, Dr Liliana Awan said “the bottom line was that he was alive”.

Liliana said her husband was in the “prime of his life”.

Dr Awan survived the initial impact of the crash ( Twitter)

“He was only 48. We have little kids,” she said. “This should have never happened to anybody in this world … Nobody deserves to die like that.”

Liliana said the family was sharing their story in a bid to prevent this from happening to someone else.

“I want to shake [people] and say, ‘Listen, these futuristic cars have benefits but they also have high, high risks and yes, death is one of them,” Liliana said.

The Mirror has contacted Tesla for comment.

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