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An abandoned dog was left to suffer after suspectedly being thrown out of a car window.

The cocker spaniel, named Beethoven, was found limping around the streets of Kent with two broken bones in his leg and a damaged spine.

Vets were shocked to discover the injuries had been sustained some time ago – meaning the poorly pooch has been in pain for a long while.

Staff were even more startled by X-rays that revealed his trauma was “comparable to being hit by, or being thrown out of a moving vehicle.”

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He is now in safe hands and on the mend ( SBC/Triangle News)

Beethoven was found in the village of Hartlip, near Rainham, Kent, on Saturday, and was moved to Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital on Monday.

He had been microchipped but wasn’t registered, so his owner cannot be traced.

A Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service spokesperson said: “After minimal improvement over the weekend, the kennels made the decision to take him for further investigation and the X-rays have left us speechless.

“The vets have said the injuries are comparable to being hit by, or being thrown out of a moving vehicle.

“He’s got spinal damage, two fractures to his tibia and many other injuries which have been left to heal without treatment.

The cocker spaniel is less than two years old ( SBC/Triangle News)

“The most shocking part? He hasn’t sustained these injuries recently, he’s just been left to suffer.

“Both ourselves and the kennels will be doing everything in our power to keep him comfortable until we have a clear path for his future.”

It is estimated Beethoven is between the age of 18 months and two years.

The rescued pup’s scans have now been sent to a specialist and a fundraising page has been created on Facebook to help with his vet bills.

If anyone has any information on the owner, they can contact the Swale council dog warden on 01795 417850.

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