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Damning photos of No10 lockdown parties have been included in Sue Gray’s final report into Partygate.

Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case have all been pictured in extremely high spirits.

But the identities of other civil servants who attended lockdown parties in Downing Street have been protected.

Ms Gray’s report said the “senior leadership” in Boris Johnson’s Government must “bear responsibility” for the culture which led to coronavirus lockdown rules being broken.

She said some of the more junior officials who attended parties “believed that their involvement in some of these events was permitted given the attendance of senior leaders”.

What evidence did Sue Gray use to establish this conclusion? Here are all of the photo’s Ms Gray included in her highly-anticipated report.

Boris Johnson has been pictured reading Sue Gray’s report ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions ( Andrew Parsons / No10 Downing Street)

Boris Johnson’s 56th lockdown bash

Boris Johnson enjoyed a birthday party in the Cabinet Room of No10 during the first lockdown on June 19 2020.

According to Ms Gray’s report, Martin Reynolds sent an email at 09.34 to a number of No10 staff, including to Simon Case, and the No 10 Private Secretaries, urging them to come to the Cabinet Room and wish Mr Johnson happy birthday.

The email read: “For the PM’s birthday today we are having sandwiches and cake in the Cabinet room so do come along and wish the PM happy birthday.”

Boris Johnson holds a can of Estrella beer as Simon Case laughs in front of him
A number of No10 officials stand in the Cabinet Room for the PM’s lockdown party

The Prime Minister is seen in snaps raising a can of beer and holding what appears to be a cake in the cabinet room.

Simon Case, the former top civil servant stands on the other side of the table laughing with his head tilted back.

The event lasted between 14.25 and 14.45, throughout which the Prime Minister was present, according to the report.

There are many other No10 officials within the room but their faces were blurred for the purposes of this report.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is pictured closely beside the PM with his blazer off and glasses on.

The PM appears to be holding party food next to the Chancellor.

Indoor social gatherings were forbidden at this time.

Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined for attending the PM’s lockdown birthday bash
Ex-top civil servant Simon Case and the PM have moved closer to each other within the Cabinet Room

Lee Cain’s lockdown leaving-do

It was claimed Boris Johnson led the celebrations at Lee Cain’s lockdown leaving do.

In Ms Gray’s report, it is noted a number of press office staff and media special advisers gathering in the Press Office area of No10 to mark his departure.

The investigation was informed that this party was not “pre-planned” as sources had previously claimed.

But the leaving bash was held at a time when ‘wine-time Fridays’ would normally be taking place.

The Prime Minister attended on this leaving bash on his way to his Downing Street flat, the report states, having left his office at 19.17.

Boris Johnson holds a glass of booze and makes a speech at Lee Cain’s lockdown leaving do
The Prime Minister laughs as he does what he does best, making his No10 staff laugh, and holds a glass for himself

The PM is understood to have went to the Press Office area, joined the gathering and then made a leaving speech for Lee Cain.

Sources told the Daily Mirror the PM allegedly poured the drinks to toast his aide Lee Cain, and had often urged staff to “let off steam”.

The PM looks to his right and chats to No10 staff, enjoying an indoor social gathering when the public were instructed not to do so
Boris Johnson’s former aide told a colleague they had ‘got away’ with a party

In the photos captured to Mr Johnson is pictured raising a glass and chatting to staff on 13 November 2020 when indoor socialising was forbidden.

It’s claimed Boris Johnson encouraged his staff to socialise and “let off steam” at Downing Street drinks bashes during lockdown.

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