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Energy bosses could always reduce prices and profits to ease household bills instead of demanding Government help.

However, the chief executive of supplier E.ON is also on the money in calling for “very substantial” assistance.

That is because North Sea producers are enjoying profit bonanzas by exploiting ­rocketing world gas and electricity charges.

This raises the cost of fuel to the companies which are, in turn, selling it on to us.

The price cap, which will jump again in October, this time by up to half again from £2,000 to nearly £3,000, would ruin families already struggling after last month’s big hike.

Which is why the windfall tax and other measures to reduce bills proposed by Keir Starmer and resisted by the Conservatives is a thick red dividing line in politics.

Political leaders on the side of voters deserve to prosper, and those protecting the North Sea producers should not be in power.

Michael Lewis, chief executive of E.ON UK ( PA)

Shame at No10

No Prime Minister in history was fined in office for lawbreaking until Boris Johnson.

Nobody expects him to do the honourable thing and resign, which means either Conservative MPs sack him or they are tainted too.

Whitehall investigator Sue Gray knows her report into illegal partying will be publicly as well as politically scrutinised.

Complaints that other senior civil servants are shunning her are dispiriting and Johnson’s lie machine will undoubtedly be preparing to defend his indefensible behaviour when the final report is published very soon.

The time for excuses should have ended long ago and anybody who tries to justify his lawbreaking deserves condemnation.

Survivor spirit

Hugs, tears and love at the Manchester Arena service was a case of good people refusing to be destroyed by bad.

The hurt and pain will never vanish but the spirit of survivors is inspiring proof that there’s more that unites than divides us.

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