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With the Metropolitan Police completing their investigations this week and only issuing the Prime Minister with a single fine for being handed cake before a meeting on his birthday, many believe that the worst is now behind Mr Johnson.

In contrast Starmer is still facing questions over the alleged beergate scandal on April 30 2021 in Durham which is being investigated by police and where Labour have admitted they failed to tell the truth four times.

The Conservatives appear to have picked up their extra point from the Lib Dems who dropped from 11 percent to 10 in  a week.

But the findings revealed an underlying lack of confidence in British politics.

More than one in five (22 percent) said they would be unlikely to vote in a general election while the same number said they would not know who to vote for.

Meanwhile, an astonishing one in five Conservative voters admitted that they did not have confidence in Boris Johnson’s Government.

Just 32 percent of the 1,624 respondents over MNay 18 and 19 expressed confidence in the Government while 63 percent were negative.

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The next big test for the parties comes in the by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton where two Tory MPs have resigned over scandals.

In Tiverton evidence has emerged of a Rejoiner alliance forming between Labour and he Lib Dems with Starmer reportedly telling Labour activists to stand down to help the Lib Dems win.

The by-elections will take place on June 23, the anniversary of the EU referendum which brought Brexit.

However, while Partygate may be less of a factor people in Downing Street are nervously awaiting the final full report by civil servant Sue Gray into the the parties due next week.