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Viewers of the Netflix film Senior Year have lambasted the comedy after spotting a significant plot hole in its story.

The film stars Rebel Wilson as a high school cheerleader who falls into a coma before prom night, only to reawaken 20 years later and return to her school for unfinished business.

Senior year was savaged by critics and by viewers on social media, earning a critics’ score of just 26 per cent on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes.

Many people on social media described the film as “awful” – though others have defended it, insisting it works as a charming throwback to a bygone age of high school-set comedies.

However, many viewers have the same lingering question over one aspect of the film.

Wilson’s character fell into the coma after a cheerleading accident. The accident, however, was in fact a deliberate act of sabotage by two jealous peers.

“The worst part about Senior Year movie on Netflix is that no one got in trouble for attempted murder,” one person wrote.

Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway in ‘Senior Year’

(Boris Martin/NETFLIX)

“I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that this was crazy! I’m like, so she literally tried to harm this girl and it’s never mentioned again in the movie?” another baffled viewer commented.

“I thought the end of #SeniorYear Tiffany was going to admit she attempted tomurder Stephanie and maybe do a little jail time. But I guess a big cheer scene made more sense,” a third person wrote.

“Besides them ignoring an attempted murder, that senior year movie on Netflix wasnt bad, wrote another viewer, while someone else wrote: “So I’m confused…was that not attempted murder????”

In a recent interview, Wilson shared her own #MeToo story, recalling the moment a male co-star tried to “destroy” her and her career.

Senior Year is available to stream on Netflix now.