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An urban explorer found an abandoned World War Two-era home where the occupants appear to have left in a hurry.

Kyle Urbex stumbled across the gated property and said it appeared people had been “chilling” as there were empty beer cans and cigarette ends scattered around the living room floor.

The photographer, 25, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who has explored hundreds of abandoned properties since 2020, said it was a little upsetting as he moved through the home.

It was full of books, racks full of clothes, and even family photographs scattered across a table.

“I found it quite sad in a way because it’s still technically owned by somebody that has had to vacate the premises for some reason which is unknown,” said Kyle.

The property looked to have been abandoned in a hurry ( Kyle Urbex)
Family photographs appear to show a couple and their young son ( Kyle Urbex)

A document contained the name Eric Livesey, who the snapper believes served in the forces.

One photo shows a man with a moustache alongside a young boy and woman.

“I found old army documents which I captured in my photographs, including an Air Training Certificate of Leave, which the person was enrolled in August 1942,” he explained.

A grand piano is surrounded by sheet music ( Kyle Urbex)
The home appeared to have been lived in during the 1940s ( Kyle Urbex)

“I found the whole place fascinating and would definitely rate it one of the most interesting places I have done.

“Navigating upstairs I found more clothes and suits as if someone had left and never returned.

“Overall it was an amazing place to experience,” Kyle added.

One room contained a grand piano surrounded by sheet music on the chair and floor, including for the song I’m in the Mood for Love.

There were racks of clothing ( Kyle Urbex)
Kyle said it looked like people had been ‘chilling’ and then suddenly left ( Kyle Urbex)

Kyle is drawn to abandoned 20th Century buildings, especially homes that appear to have been suddenly vacated, leaving plenty of mystery.

The clandestine photographer sometimes spots pictures on Facebook before heading over to do some exploring of his own.

Last month, he found a deserted farmhouse – another intriguing time capsule.

He found it stuffed full of haunting personal possessions, including piles of cobweb-covered, grimy letters.

The chaotic scenes he captured on camera – like in his latest offering – look like someone stepped out for a walk one day several decades ago and never came back for some reason, leaving the place to slowly rot.

Spooky portraits and eerie landscape paintings stared from the walls of the once well-loved and cosy home village home.

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