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Wealth in this country has become increasingly unfairly distributed over the last three decades.

While those at the bottom of the income scale have seen wages decline in real terms, those at the very top have grown even richer.

There are now a record 177 UK billionaires whose combined wealth increased last year by more than £50billion to £653billion.

Many protect their fortunes by becoming non-doms and shifting assets to tax havens.

In doing this they are not just shielding their wealth, they are drawing up the drawbridge behind them. Money which could help spread opportunity is being hoarded by an elite few.

The 250 wealthiest families in the country include Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty, worth an estimated £730million.

It is fair to ask how someone who has never had to worry about paying bills can genuinely understand the concerns of those who do.

Could it also explain why Mr Sunak is so reluctant to end non-doms? With 14 million in poverty, we need a Chancellor who can crack down hard on injustice and unfairness.

The Chancellor and his wife are worth an estimated £730million ( REUTERS)

Call foul now

This week has seen the beautiful game marred by mindless violence.

The ugly scenes that followed Everton’s match against Crystal Palace came two days after Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was headbutted by a Nottingham Forest supporter.

Players were taunted and harassed by fans in both League Two play-off semi-finals.

The authorities need to act quickly and firmly if they are to prevent the behaviour of a minority becoming more widespread.

This means tougher penalties, including automatic lifetime bans.

The vast majority of fans are a credit to the game. Let’s keep it that way.

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Feline nervous

A giant cat is prowling posh Hampstead Garden Suburb in North London.

Residents are a bit upset – they are more used to fat cats than wildcats in their area.

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