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A family have been heartbroken after the death of their “beautiful” daughter before any diagnosis.

Sarah Thompson and Lee Metcalf had gone through two years of frequent hospital visits and physiotherapy when it became clear that Skyler, two, was suffering with an unknown condition.

Skyler had been treated at Hull Royal Infirmary and was diagnosed with severe epilepsy but never received a full diagnosis to explain her other symptoms, reports Hull Live.

Sarah described her daughter as a “beautiful and happy baby”, who grew into an amazing little girl that would constantly be “laughing and smiling” despite her illness.

Skyler’s half-siblings also adored their little sister and are heartbroken at their loss.

Sarah said: “When she was born, doctors told us that she was perfectly healthy and we didn’t realise that anything was wrong until she was five or six months old. We could just tell that something wasn’t quite right and it was around this time that she had her first seizure.

Sarah described her daughter as a “beautiful and happy baby” ( Sarah Thompson)

“When we took her to the GP, they didn’t have a clue what her condition was. We know she had a rare form of epilepsy and was being treated for that but we never received a full and explained diagnosis.

“She also had to have special milk and was fed through a PEG in her stomach because she couldn’t eat independently. Skyler would have been three years old in July and had very different abilities to other children her age.

“She could never walk or crawl and also couldn’t speak. With physio treatment, she was able to move her arms and legs and seemed to really be improving but her progress was just so up and down and she was constantly surrounded by different medical people.

Skyler as a baby with her dad, Lee ( Sarah Thompson)

“Through all this, she was always smiling and was a really happy baby. She had some sensory issues and would sometimes get overwhelmed but she loved lots of cuddles, baby shark and unicorns.”

The family checked on Skyler in their home on Saturday morning and found that she had passed away in her sleep. They have felt overwhelmed with sadness, loss and anger at losing their baby girl without a clear reason as to why.

Sarah continued: “My other children and Skyler’s half-siblings, Brendan, Summer and Harley, had a really special bond with their sister and they don’t understand why she’s not here anymore. We have all just been completely rocked by this and I just feel worse as the days go on. Our family is being as supportive as possible but I just miss Skyler so much and can’t imagine life without her.”

A fundraiser has been set up on GoFundMe to raise money for Skyler’s funeral that will take place in a few weeks.

Sarah Thompson and Lee Metcalf had gone through two years of frequent hospital visits and physiotherapy ( Sarah Thompson)

Skyler’s aunty, Sara, shared a message on the site stating: “This funding is to help Skyler’s parents with the funeral costs to lay their daughter to rest peacefully and give this baby girl the best send off for her family and make sure her day is very special, just like she was.

“Life is so cruel and has taken this princess way too young, so fly high with the angels until we meet again! We love you unconditionally.”

You can donate to their fundraiser and contribute to the £2000 target here.

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