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The sharp rise in inflation will only add more financial pain to already hard-pressed families.

The increase in prices will be most severely felt by those on the lowest incomes.

An analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies reveals the poorest 10% of households face a rate of inflation that is three points higher than the wealthiest 10%.

It means more pensioners having to choose between heating and eating, more people unable to afford everyday items and more families struggling to put food on the table.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak claims there is only a limited amount the Government can do in the face of rising global food and fuel prices. His attempt to blame outside factors does not wash when France has half our inflation rate.

Nor is he powerless to act. He could raise pensions and benefits, and impose a windfall tax to soften the blow of rising energy costs.

This is a crisis rooted in the Tories’ mismanagement of the economy, made worse by their failure to provide desperately needed help.

Rishi Sunak claims there is only a limited amount the Government can do to help people ( REUTERS)

Shame on them

The arrest of a Tory MP on suspicion of rape is yet another blow to the reputation of Parliament.

That reputation has been further undermined by the Tories’ response. In almost any other workplace the person concerned would have been immediately suspended.

But the Tories have refused to do this despite concerns the MP will still be able to hold surgeries and carry out constituency visits.

This is not the first time the Conservatives have failed to treat accusations of sexual assault with the seriousness they deserve.

They are hampering efforts to tackle abuse in Westminster and sending a terrible message to those who are the victims of such behaviour.

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A study found the perfect chip is chunky, golden brown and two inches long.

Fans of skinny fries may take the findings with a pinch of salt.

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