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A trailer for the forthcoming second season of The Flight Attendant has been released, including its scheduled premiere date on 12 April.

The first season of the hit HBO Max thriller followed Cassie (Kaley Cuoco), an alcoholic flight attendant whose life is upended when she wakes up to find a dead man in her hotel room, but no memory of how he got there.

She goes on a mission find the murderer and eventually gets recruited by the CIA.

The new promo shows season two picking up one year later. Cassie, who has moved to LA, is now celebrating a year of sobriety and a new boyfriend.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producers Cuoco, Steve Yockey, and Natalie Chaidez further teased what viewers can expect.

“Cassie thinks she’s completely changed. Turned over a new leaf and is a whole new person,” Cuoco said. “We find out rather quickly that’s not the case and sobriety is a lot harder than she likes to admit.”

Responding to Cassie’s sobriety storyline, Chaidez said: “We wanted to be really respectful to the recovery community, just really show that sobriety is a process, and making amends, and patching up relationships.”

(HBO Max)

Though she’s still a flight attendant, she’s now added “CIA asset” to her list of duties.

“It’s going to take her into some dangerous new territory, both personally and physically, and be the jump-off [point] for the season’s adventure,” Chaidez added.

The Flight Attendant premieres on 21 April on HBO Max.